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Our Story

The Merger that Made it Possible

A partnership formed between a digital marketing powerhouse and a genius corporation in financial connections, Denim Social is making financial marketing personal, at scale. Combining our patent-pending, data driven platform with the compliance needs of the financial service industry, we are empowering regulated companies to humanize their brand, engage with their audience and effectively scale their reach without facing non-compliance issues.

Our Mission

Building stronger client relationships through social channels

Within one seamless, easy-to-use platform, we are facilitating the development of fully compliant content, optimized advertisement campaigns, and compelling social engagement for regulated businesses that span across the nation.

Our Hope for the Future

We are enabling brands of regulated industries to efficiently utilize the power of social media and develop their reach at local, regional, and national levels without the threat of noncompliance.

Together we will...

Automate the art of regulated socializing (and have fun with it!).

Simplify the processes of digital socializing at a grand scale.

Utilize the power of social engagement for local, regional, and national brands.