Successful social media for banking

Our compliance-built social media solution for banks will easily scale for your brand, branches, and employees.

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Empower employees to social sell

When face-to-face interactions are off the table, your employees are your brand’s best tool on social media. Expand reach, deepen engagement and build trust with social selling. Our one-stop platform empowers marketers to scale social media publishing to brand, branch and employee levels.

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Curate content

Sourcing shareable and compliant content is easy in the Denim Social platform. Instead of spending hours searching for relevant content, access a content library filled with high-quality, third party content ready to be posted across platforms.

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Level up social media to convert

Go beyond vanity metrics and use social media to convert. On one platform manage organic social media, build social media ad campaigns and create no-code landing pages optimized for conversion.

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Keep social media compliant

The Denim Social platform is built for compliance. Create approval workflows and use keyword moderation to reduce your brand and compliance risk. Save time (and sanity) with automatic archiving.

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“What excites us is that Denim Social allows us to streamline our advisers' sharing of compliance-approved content with their own networks. We also like the fact that it's easy to use.”


Chief Marketing Officer, Commerce Trust Company